The All-in-One POS System Built For Any Business

Easier Payments

Accepting any type of payments is a snap - from in-person swipe, chip, and tap (Apple Pay™, Google Wallet™, etc.), to online payments.

Tighter Tracking

Whether you sell coffee, t-shirts, manicures, or memberships, all purchases are more secure and trackable.

Happier Customers

Offer the best possible customer experience while building ongoing loyalty at your place of business and online.

More Flexibility

Manage your business and make a sale from anywhere with Clover Dashboard, mobile app, and virtual terminal.

Ryan the owner has been my life saver. Communication and support has been impeccable. Not only has Ryan walked us thru Set Up; he has followed up to make sure that we are happy. I highly recommend this company for anyone not wanting to deal with endless Emails, bots and Phone Tag.

Lawrence Clay

Lit at Downtown, Gainesville, FL

User Friendly, Scalable, Comprehensive

Take your Business Online

Manage your Business in Real Time

Secure Next Gen. Payments

A Versatile POS for all your Business Needs

Customize your system

Select a POS device for your business. Whether its at the counter, at the table, on the go or no device at all.

Pick a plan with features to fit your business - payments, inventory, employees, customers and everything in between. See Software Plans & Cost

Add a barcode scanner, a kitchen display, customer facing terminal, or something else, and modify your system with third party apps from the App Market to maximize your system's capabilities.

Handle More Payments

Tap, dip, swipe are all accepted here ← From major credit/debit cards to mobile wallets and contactless methods we've got you covered.

Enable one-touch tipping and digital receipts, while handling refunds, returns, and exchanges in a flash.

Activate online ordering to maximize time for both your customers and yourself.

Automatically apply service fees or delivery charges.

Enhanced Ordering

For Retail: accept orders face to face or online. 

For Restaurants: Accept orders for in-house dining, pickup, or delivery.

Open tabs, split bills, and merge multiple orders.

Monitor sales by item, along with discounts, taxes, and more.

Get More Customers

Prioritize your valued customers by keeping track of birthdays, order histories and contact information.

Get private customer feedback that helps to enhance future experiences.

Create and manage your customer rewards programs with the built-in customer engagement app to foster customer loyalty.

Deliver announcements, personalized promotions, and marketing campaigns directly to your customers through email, text, or the Clover mobile app.

Teams Made Easy

Manage your entire team and their schedules seamlessly in one place.

Set each employee's permissions based on their level of responsibility and system access you deem appropriate.

Track employee's sales, tips, and refunds to pinpoint your leading contributors and to account for every dollar.

Full‑featured tools built for small business

Pick Your Hardware

Clover Station Duo 2

Make things easy with a 14” HD display for you and a 8” touch screen for your guests to confirm their order, leave a tip, redeem rewards, pay, and request a digital receipt. 

14" HD Touchscreen Display, 8" Touchscreen display (Facing Customer - Tip, PIN, Sign, Rewards), EMV, NFC, MSR, Thermal Receipt Printer, Cash Drawer, Built-in Camera Barcode Scanner. WiFi, Ethernet, or 4G/LTE. 

Clover Station Solo

This bundle has all the same power of the Station Duo, but without the customer facing display. Payment readers built-in to 14" employee facing display.

14" HD Touchscreen Display, Built-in EMV, NFC, MSR, Thermal Receipt Printer, Cash Drawer, Built-in Camera Barcode Scanner & Fingerprint Scanner For Quick Access. WiFi, Ethernet, or 4G/LTE. 

Clover Mini 3

With the same abilities as the larger systems, the Clover Mini 3 is a smaller system but is packed with power. Manage inventory, reports, employees, and checkout customers with this all-in-one solution.

8" Touchscreen display, Built-in EMV, NFC, MSR, Built-in Thermal Receipt Printer, Built-in Camera Barcode Scanner, Cash Drawer Optional. WiFi, Ethernet, or LTE 

Clover Flex 3

Take the Clover software on the move. Portable POS with nearly 6" display. Scan barcodes on the go, take tableside orders & payments, or manage inventory & reports with this mobile solution.

Nearly 6" Touchscreen display, Built-in EMV, NFC, MSR, Built-in Thermal Receipt Printer, Built-in Camera Barcode Scanner. WiFi, Ethernet, or LTE MSRP: $599

Clover Go Bluetooth

Pair the Bluetooth reader with the Clover Go mobile application. Use the Clover Go software on your phone or tablet. Take MSR swipe, EMV chip, and NFC contactless payments safely from your personal device.

Bluetooth to mobile device for payments. Micro USB for charging. EMV, NFC, MSR. Send Digital Receipts via Email or Text. Manage inventory, reports on the Clover Go App. MSRP: $119

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Get $1,500 Towards a New POS System

Get $1,500 Towards the Cost of a New POS System For Every $20k in Current Monthly Credit Card Processing Volume.

Requires Dual Pricing "Consumer Pay" Processing. Must Send Recent Processing Statement Showing Proof of Volume ($20k Monthly). New Merchant Account Required. Terms & Conditions Apply.

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