Why hospitality businesses should choose SALIDO POS with Limeilght Payments.


The Ultimate Solution for Modern Restaurants: SALIDO POS

Salido POS is not just another point-of-sale system; it's a comprehensive solution designed to unify all restaurant operations under a single platform. Whether you're running a full-service, upscale casual, or fine-dining establishment, SALIDO is tailored to meet your needs.

Key Features of SALIDO POS

Data-driven intelligence

Make informed decisions with anytime access to crucial analytics about your restaurant business. 

"All day" View

Stay organized with an "all day" view. See your current outstanding items across all orders in one place. Eliminate missing items from orders while keeping your kitchen organized and efficient. 

Prioritize Orders

Prioritize orders with ease. Clear and customizable order status indicators. Order timer, color indicators, and the ability to track item statuses across prep stations. 


Enable kitchen comminication. Flag an order to your fellow kitchen staff to keep everyone in the know. That means a whole lot less yelling in an already heated environment. 

Floor Plan

Simplified floor plan updating. Customize your seating arrangements with ease, whether its for a VIP event or a regular day. 


Seamless menu and inventory management. Keep everyone updated with live statuses, ensuring you never run out of specials or have to unexpectedly remove an item from the menu.


Real-time reports. Access data in real time, streamlining the closeout process and ensuring efficient operations.

Modernize your hospitality business.

Save time and ultimately save money by giving your staff the tools to be more productive.

Manage Orders

Keep tickets and tabs in order. Recall previous orders, see your whole day's order history, verify open tabs, and do away with storing boxes of paper tickets.


Declutter your kitchen. Why use paper tickets when you can go digital with our kitchen display system? No more losing tickets or trying to decipher a server's handwriting.

Text Messaging

Alert guests via text message. Eliminate the need for an order number or board or your staff to yell out names. Text a guest when their order is ready for pickup.

State-of-the-Art Hardware

SALIDO offers the latest in hospitality point-of-sale hardware, ensuring smooth operations for standalone restaurants or even across multiple locations.

Handheld Terminal

Pro Terminal

Standard Terminal

Flexible hardware options

Choose from a variety of device sizes and stands to fit your specific needs. Whichever bundle you choose, you'll provide your staff with multiple points of order entry and easier front and back-of-house management

Bundle and save.

Contact our specialist to see how mixing and matching hardware based on your business needs can save you money and add function to your restaurant. Call or text: 805-203-6606[email protected]


Receipt Printer

Standard Stand

Kitchen Printer

Low Profile Stand

Kitchen Display

Cash Drawer

 Why Order SALIDO POS from Limelight Payments?

Reduced Credit Card Processing Fees

Limelight Payments specializes in offering competitive rates, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

Personalized Account Management

Receive one-on-one attention, ensuring all your needs and concerns are addressed promptly. From set-up to everyday support, you have a point person to contact at any time of need.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Experience top-notch customer service, with a team that understands the nuances of the hospitality industry.

POS Demos and System Placement

Before making a decision, get a hands-on feel of the SALIDO POS system with demos provided by Limelight Payments.

A Partnership Built on Trust and Expertise

Industry Experience

Salido was created by hospitality experts committed to serving with honesty and integrity. Combined with Limelight Payments' expertise in payment solutions, you're in safe hands.

Streamlined Operations

With SALIDO's comprehensive features and Limelight Payments' efficient payment processing, manage all operations under one login.

Focus on What Truly Matters

Let the combined power of SALIDO and Limelight Payments handle the technicalities, allowing you to concentrate on creating excellent food and happy customers who keep on coming back.


Choosing the right POS system is crucial for the success of any hospitality business. With SALIDOs comprehensive features and Limelight Payments' industry expertise, you're not just getting a POS system; you're investing in a partnership that prioritizes your success.

Streamline all your restaurant operations with SALIDO.