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Payanywhere Smart PINPad Pro: One for you and one for your customer

Redesign your checkout experience with the Payanywhere Smart PINPad Pro. Separate merchant and customer facing terminals allow for safe social distancing while still ensuring speed and efficiency. The Smart PINPad Pro is the perfect match for a wide variety of industries. 

(Pax A80 & Pax SP30) 4" Merchant facing display, 2.4" customer facing display, EMV, NFC, MSR, Built-in Printer, WiFi & Ethernet.

Monthly Service Fee:  $24.95 per month.

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Since the pandemic it’s become clear that your business needs to be able to adapt when the way of doing business changes. We want to help you with that. Meet the newest power couple, the Smart PINPad Pro. 

The Smart PINPad Pro (the unbeatable combination of the Pax a80 and sp30) provides a personal checkout experience with separate merchant and customer terminals. This allows your customers to social distance and safely pay for their purchases on a customer facing terminal. The Smart PINPad Pro includes:

Accept payments.

Payment types.